2. to 1. How 3. Code

2. to 1. How 3. Code

An opinionated approach to making websites.

Beta session starts Monday, July 16, 2018.

2. to 1. How 3. Code


How to Code is a free summer course on making original, creative websites from scratch. Participants will learn how to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a special emphasis on code style, debugging, and reading source.

Who is this course for?

The course is for students adept at picking up technical skills with the right resources, patience, and assistance. No prior coding knowledege required.

Students should have strong opinions about design, internet culture, artistic development, and professional ethics.

Course Format

The class will meet once a week (usually on Monday nights). Lectures will be recorded and streamed for remote viewing.

Class sessions will include a short lecture, group discussion, and review of individual projects.

Students will be expected to spend time outside of class working on short assignments, continuing self-study, and completing an individual project.

Schedule Beta session

  1. Introduction → notes, tools
  2. Hypertext → July 16, 6:30pm ET, notes, video
  3. Style → July 23, 6:30pm ET, notes, video
  4. Script I → July 30, 6:30pm ET, notes, video
  5. Script II → August 6, 6:30pm ET, code, video
  6. Script III (Slideshow I) → August 27, 6:30pm ET, notes, video
  7. Script IV (Slideshow II) → September 3, 6:30pm ET, code, video
  8. Frameworks → September 10, 6:30pm ET
  9. Introspection → September 17, 6:30pm ET
  10. Beyond → September 24, 6:30pm ET


In Person:

180 York St.
New Haven, CT 06511

Join the Chatroom

Join the discussion in the class Slack channel. Sign up here, then head to: howtocodeclub.slack.com


Course taught by Seth Thompson (s3ththompson@gmail.com) and friends.

Cover design inspired by How to See by David Salle.

Anonymous feedback appreciated and encouraged.